About us

Bispo's Cellar Fine Wines  is located in Pompano Beach, Florida and owned by  Teresa Afonso. Teresa was born in Portugal in the Douro region, home of the finest Ports, and raised in France in the Bordeaux region, home of some of the oldest vineyards. Growing up around the most famous Chateau, she drank the finest wines and Champagnes with her father (Bispo was his nickname) and family. Teresa participated in her first harvest, picking grapes at Chateau Cantemerle, when she was 17 years old.


A promotion for Chateau Quinault sent Teresa to Florida, where she decided to dedicate her life to wine and make it her career and daily passion. After 15 years working for suppliers and importers of the finest wines, Teresa decided to create her own Cellar with friends, wine lovers and family and turn it into a special place... Bispo's Cellar Fine Wines.


Her mission is to promote wine tasting as an art, to show others that every bottle has a history, and every grape is alive before being crushed into the barrel. It takes great passion, love and heart to make exceptional wines.

Most of the wines represented at Bispo's Cellar are from unique vineyards where they only produce a few cases per year of a specific wine. Our wines come from various states and countries all around the world and are made with thousands of varieties of grapes.


We can help you pick your wines whether you speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French.
Teresa and Jessica at Vinexpo, Bordeaux 2009