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Most of our wines represented at Bispo’s Cellar are from unique vineyards where they only produce a few cases per year of a specific wine. They also come from various States and Countries from around the world and are made with thousands of types of grapes.

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If there is a special wine that you had in a restaurant, at a party, on a cruise or even on your last trip abroad, let us help you find it.

We can look for wines by name, country, Chateau, Estate, grape, winemaker, bottle design, label color, a special face, an animal, special words, and at last but very important, the YEAR.

Remember ”Hard-to-find wines are easy to find at Bispo’s Cellar”.
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This is a project I have been working on for the past two years and it has finally come to be.
we invite you to try our varietiesfrom Portugal


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